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Roof Installation Pearland Relies On

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New Roof Installation in Pearland, TX

With an asphalt shingle roof, you expect it to last from 20 to 30 years. Once you celebrate more than 20 birthdays without a new roof, it’s a good idea to consider an inspection. Our Greater Gulf Coast & Pearland roofing professionals know what to look for as we evaluate your roof.

Trust our team for a thorough evaluation with real recommendations.

Warping Shingles

Look to your shingles for signs of weathering. Two of the most common signals are when the edges start to curl or when the middle bubbles up. Both of these signs indicate serious issues.
With the potential for leaks and an array of other issues, it’s essential to call on a roofing expert. Whether it requires a minor roof repair or a full roof installation, Pearland trusts our team for honest evaluations.

Missing or Cracked Shingles

While it’s okay to patch a few shingles here and there, it starts to spoil the appearance of your home. Moreover, cracking in random areas or that isn’t isolated to a single spot is cause for concern.
That means it’s time to consider a new roof installation.

The Entire Roof Sags

When a roof starts to sag, there are a few possible causes. From structural issues to a buildup of algae and moss, it requires an inspection from a professional, reliable roofing specialist. Whether you need minor repairs, a makeover, or a full roof installation, Pearland relies on Southern Star Building & Roofing. As a premier roofing company in the area, homeowners trust us for honest estimates and efficient solutions.

Backed by years of experience and expertise, we work with you to find the best solution for your situation. Per your budget and needs, we personalize your solution to protect your home and family. Call us today at 409-655-5957 to schedule an inspection.

Roof Installation Pearland & The Greater Gulf Coast Area Relies On

With years of experience in roof installation, Pearland relies on our team in an array of challenging situations. When your home or business needs a new roof, our team has the expertise necessary to find the best solution for you.

There are no limits to projects we complete. Moreover, we strive to provide exceptional service and high-quality work that lasts. From new construction to repair and replacement, we get the job done right the first time.

Commercial Roof Installation

From retail shops to manufacturers and government institutions, we work with a broad spectrum of businesses. We offer thorough inspections, repairs, and replacements as a commercial roofing company in Pearland TX.

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