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When it comes to TPO roofing, Pearland businesses rely on Southern Star Building & Roofing for reliable TPO installation. As the premier Pearland roofing company, we offer these services to commercial and residential clients alike, although this material is more common in commercial buildings. 

If you have seen a bright white roof on a building, that’s more than likely a TPO roof system. As far as commercial properties go, it is one of the most common roof types across many industries. 

At Southern Star, we specialize in TPO roof repair, installation, and replacement. Our team of TPO contractors has the expertise and experience to install single-ply membrane roofing on your building. To learn more, book a free inspection and estimate today.

Do You Need a Commercial Contractor?
Tell-Tale Signs of a Roof in Need of Repair

For a business in League City, commercial roofing is an investment. With regular roof maintenance, you protect your business’s assets and foster a safer environment for your employees.
How do you know when your roof has a problem, though? If you notice these tell-tale signs, it’s time for commercial roofing League City companies trust.

What Is a Single-Ply Membrane Roof?

With TPO roofing, Pearland building owners have a couple of options for single-ply membrane roofing. These membranes are sheets of rubber and other synthetics that add a layer of protection for commercial buildings. 

While it is one of the most common types of materials in commercial roofing, there are several different types to fit your roof. However, there are two that stand above the rest.

While they are similar in their function, they differ in terms of installation, chemical makeup, and overall energy efficiency. 

tpo commercial roofing pearland

TPO Roofing Systems in Pearland

TPO is a single-ply membrane for roofing that is one of the fastest-growing systems on the market. In a TPO roof system, you have a single layer of synthetics with a reinforcing scrim that covers flat roofs

Typically, these sheets come in an array of sizes that are rolled up and moved to a commercial facility for installation. With a naturally reflective surface, the material continues to gain acceptance across industries.

Why Choose TPO?

In terms of TPO roofing, Pearland business owners opt for this material for several different reasons. 

Cost-Effective Material

With a TPO roof system, there’s potential to save money on energy costs due it the reflective properties of the material. This material reflects harmful radiation and protects the building from UV rays and chemical effects. 

Overall, this reduces the cooling efforts in the building. In turn, it has the potential to reduce electricity consumption and lower your energy bills. 

Lower Installation Costs

A TPO roofing system has a single membrane with multiple layers. The installation has to provide resistivity and stiffness to the roof. However, the installation process itself is less time-consuming than other materials. 

While it requires the expertise of our Pearland TPO roof contractors, it reduces the installation time. 

Material Lifespan

A TPO roof lasts quite a long time, ranging from about 15 to 20 years. As with any flat roof, it requires regular inspections for leaks, standing water, and other potential issues. However, these inspections and general maintenance help to maximize the life expectancy of the roof. 

Early signs of repair include ripped seems and pooling water. When you notice any issues, schedule a roof inspection to address damage before it gets worse. 


As a roofing material, TPO offers buildings a high resistance to UV rays and more. 

TPO Roofing Pearland Can Depend On

The team at Southern Star has the experience and expertise to provide you with TPO roof repair and installation that lasts. Our team is available to install TPO on a variety of buildings, from commercial factors and warehouses to hospitals and office buildings. 

If you need TPO roofing Pearland trusts, contact our team today. After a free inspection, we offer a personalized estimate to help you understand your options. Call 409-655-5957 now for an estimate on our services.

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